Writing developments

So I’m holed up in my kitchen drinking far too much tea and trying to not eat too many biscuits as I fork my way through the latest draft of the script. The Corinthia team want to see where we’re at and so tomorrow is crunch time for getting the draft in. What’s great, but slightly terrifying, is we have lots of options and tying them all together is the difficulty. Also making this thing work in fully operational hotel puts some hurdles in our way – thankfully Morgan’s got long legs and Mimi is really springy.

The most exciting development is our designer, the amazing Jo Scotcher, has started working with us and her ideas and breadth of what is possible is truly inspiring and really informing the characters and stories. We had a great meeting yesterday where our list of what ifs grew and grew. What ends up in the show though will be ultimately determined by our main goal – to empower and task the audience member as the central protagonist.

Monday is a walk round for the Corinthia management – to see what it is we are trying to do with this particular piece of theatre and hopefully give them a taste of what this experience can be… watch this space!