What a week!!

So we’re open and by golly it’s been fun!  After the one and only preview we opened to the press and laid bare what we have been working on for all this time.  And what a relief to the entire team that it doesn’t seem to be in vain – the response has been very lovely and not just from press.  Twitter has kept us up to date with what our audiences have thought and there have been some very happy people posting after finishing their journey with us.

We are now in the very lovely position of trying to work out how to fit everyone into our limited run.  Our waiting list is growing every day and we’re beginning to wonder whether we should have extended for a lot longer than just a week!

We really are thrilled and grateful for all the lovely feedback we have been receiving.  It’s been a total labour of love and the biggest project we’ve all done to date and we’re all breathing a sigh of relief that the tricky first few shows are done and dusted!

Do you have a ticket?  If so lucky you – they are like gold dust now!  Eek!