Week 4 – 1st draft in process

Morgan and Katie are holed up in the Hotel Lobby today and the writing is underway. Morgan is currently grieving the end of her residency week in the hotel… her flat in Nunhead just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore – I think she is going to struggle with not having anyone to turn her bed down in the evening and put sweets on her pillow.

On a plus side… There’s a really great bunch of characters coming to life; some funny moments, some touching ones… but god it’s complicated. Favourite stalling points include: “Why are we dressing the audience member in a bath robe again?” and “So can we use champagne in the show?” I’m hoping we find answers to these musings soon.  We’re also having to come up with back up plans in case areas of the hotel are being used during the run, after all it’s a working building and so if Simon Cowell or Cher or Rhi-Rhi suddenly want to take over the entire ground floor we might have problems. But hey we’re flexible…

And just got word that our brilliant designer Jo Scotcher is coming in today to get underway with transforming some parts of the hotel. Apparently we’re *not* allowed to transform the Royal penthouse into a scene from Jurassic Park… Ok, we can work with that.