The excitement builds…

Final script meeting today with morgan and Mimi where we troubleshooted (troubleshot?) over caffeine. Decisions were made like: ‘No we cant build a tree in the corridor ‘ (Morgan sulked) and “How drunk can a character be before he becomes annoying and the audience want to punch him?” The end result is 18 encounters with even more characters spread throughout the hotel. We can’t go in to any detail because of course we would ruin it for you but it will hopefully surprise, humour and delight everyone passing through the Corinthia doors.
Finding links and overlapping narratives has been the real challenge, we’re avoiding it just being a rollercoaster of experiences but hopefully, by digging a bit deeper, we have struck the balance of drama and experience.
A huge challenge now is for our designer, Jo Scotcher, to make these scenes, moments and characters at one with the hotel. Whilst we have incredible access at the hotel we have been advised that it must be truly immersive – ‘real guests’ won’t even know our audience members and actors exist and our audience won’t know who is staff or guest. That’s how we like it.
We are half way through casting but we have some incredible performers on board and with a final script due tomorrow we will then start tweaking dialogue and characters to fit perfectly with what the performers can offer. I can’t wait!