Spotlight on the team: SAM

So we have decided that since we can’t reveal anything about our actors so as not to ruin any surprises we will instead tell you all about the awesome team behind the scenes.

Today we are going to find out about the fabulous Sam Wood…


 Full Name:  Samuel Wood

Role:  Assistant Director

What are your main tasks?:  Directing/Rehearsing – scenes, interactions and scene transitions.  Scheduling/noting the actors – which is far easier said than done when you have 24+ performers!

What has been you favourite moment so far whilst working on Above and Beyond?:  Favourite part of the working on this production has undoubtedly been working with such a talented group of individuals; damn hard work with much toil, lots of laughter and joy for making this unique kind of theatre.

What is your favourite area of the hotel and why?:  The Bassoon Bar – the bar itself is actually a huge long grand piano – enough said.

What is your main challenge due to putting a show on in a hotel rather than a theatre?:  Working in a theatre is easy-peasy – everything you need to make work is right at your fingers.  Bringing a theatre show of this nature into a 5* hotel is a whole other ball game.  There is so much to negotiate, ensuring both the artistic integrity of our work while maintaining this building’s impeccable standards.

Without giving us any spoilers what are you most looking forward to once the show opens…?:  Putting our audience through their paces and seeing the sheer unbridled joy I know they’re going to experience doing the show.