Spotlight on the team – PHOEBE

Today’s spotlight is on the very lovely Phoebe…


Full Name:  Phoebe Ferris-Rotman

Role:  Stage Manager Intern

What are your main tasks?:  Assisting the stage manager on everything from the sourcing props to making sure all actors are ready to go each night of the show and ensuring the last scene runs smoothly.

What has been your favourite moment so far whilst working on Above and Beyond?:  While doing a dry run of the show with hotel staff they were delighted to see areas they had never seen before.  It was fun to be able to show them a new side of their own workplace.

What is your favourite area of the hotel and why?:  I was gobsmacked when I entered one of the 7th floor penthouses.  It was probably the first (and probably the last) penthouse I’ve visited.  Wowzers.

What is your main challenge due to putting a show on in a hotel rather than a theatre?:  A theatre only has to be a theatre, but we are working in a functioning hotel that also has to be a theatre for the duration of our show.  That’s a challenge!  We’ve got to make sure the paying guests don’t feel the show interrupts their stay while using the hotel’s backdrop as our (very large) set.

Without giving us any spoilers what are you most looking forward to once the show opens…?:  I’ll be working on the last scene…so watching each audience member’s face as the show ends will be a treat.