Spotlight on the team: MORGAN

Here’s the profile of our other writer, Morgan…

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Full Name:  Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Role:  Writer

What are your main tasks?:  Devising and writing the play.

What has been your favourite moment so far whilst working on Above and Beyond?:  This has been such a unique job that I’ve loved so many moments but for me it was doing the dress rehearsal of the play.  I had not been around for the tech rehearsals so had not seen any of the set, props or costumes and there is one particular moment which made me almost burst into tears of happiness it was so lovely.  I won’t say any more but lets just say our designer Jo Scotcher and her team have done an incredible job.

What is your favourite area of the hotel and why?:  The spa is pretty damn awesome but for me it’s the view from the Royal Penthouse.  I could afford it i would so be booking that suite to watch the New Years Eve fireworks.

What is your main challenge putting a show on in a hotel rather than a theatre?:  I think one of our main challenges has been weaving all our theatrical processes and needs into an environment that isn’t equipped for it.  For example finding a way round the problem of needing to stage a scene with a certain amount of drama, and therefore volume, in a space where actual hotel guests will be passing by.  This is a place where people expect a certain amount of discretion and decorum; we have needed to respect that.  And to be honest it has made our writing sharper.  Nothing like restrictions to make you think more creatively.

Without giving an spoilers what are you most looking forward to once the show opens…?:  Getting the show reports!  I love hearing about the different reactions people have, the things they say and the mistakes that inevitably happen on a show this logistical!  This show is going to make good reading…