Spotlight on the team – GRACE

So because yesterday was our Dress Rehearsal things got on top of us a bit and we didn’t post a spotlight so today we’ll do two!  First up…Grace!


Full Name:  Grace Nicholas

Role:  Costume Assistant

What has been your favourite moment so far whilst working on Above and Beyond?:  Seeing Norman’s kookie 1940s inventor costume come to life.

What is your favourite area of the hotel and why?:  The lobby lounge; I like this part of the hotel most as it brings everyone together in the hotel.  The residents, staff and visitors all pass through here inspiring and informing new ideas in relation to costumes and characters.

What is your main challenge in terms of putting on a show in a hotel rather than a theatre?:  The challenge is the close one-on-one interaction between the audience member and actor.  The audience members will get up close to the actors, so attention to detail is crucial.  The historical costumes have to be in top condition to look realistic.  Everything has to be real!

Without giving any spoilers what are you most looking forward to once the show opens?: I know it’s an incredible one off experience, so to see/hear people’s reactions are just going to confirm my uncontainable excitement for this project!