Press Night #1 – TICK!

So the last couple of days have been hectic to say the least.  On Monday we opened our doors to paying audience members for the first preview and then last night was our first press night.  As you can imagine a show of the size we’re attempting within a fully functioning hotel has it’s fair share of logistics so we have been trying to iron these out as much as possible.

Our main problem, due to the massive nature of this building, is audience members getting lost!  Thankfully due to the show being an ‘immersive experience’ such occurrences don’t necessarily harm the nature of the play but they don’t help the team’s blood pressure much!  Every performance we do we’re honing the timings and we think we’ve almost nailed it.  Though that’s not to say people going off course isn’t something that won’t happen again…just as long as we can get you back on course again it’s just all part of the experience!

What has been lovely is watching the audience members emerge out the end of their journey with big smiles on their faces.  The visitors book we ask people to comment in is full of lovely excitement and we have been getting lots of people wanting to hang out at the end and talk about it.  In fact we really hope everyone does this as the hotel is the most gorgeous place to grab an after show drink and dissect the previous hour and a quarter with your mates.  We on the LLLR team have all been finding it very hard *not* to hang around after the show…despite everyone being brutally tired from all the preparations and shows so far; none of us want to miss out on a single moment here.