Meet and Greet and Read Through

So last night the cast and crew all gathered together in one room to put faces to names and hear the script out loud.  It is always a lovely event at the start of a project as even though there has been so much work going on in the months leading up to it; the ‘Meet and Greet’ always feels like it’s actually going to happen.  There’s no doubt about it – we’re putting on a show!

With over thirty people in the room and lots of technical problems being ironed out behind the scenes everyone is busy pulling the strands together to make sure our first ticket holders get a perfect performance.

Rehearsals have been happening all week and have been consisting of a combination of script work and then actual location work.  Each character has it’s own domain within the hotel which is carefully managed and designed and each actor must become familiar with their ‘stage’.  We don’t want to reveal too much so the secrets of our show stay safe until you see it but let’s just say our actors are a very talented bunch and are excitedly preparing themselves so that this will be an experience you won’t forget.

So with less than two weeks to go til ‘curtain up’ we hope you have got your tickets because they are starting to look quite scarce…don’t miss out!  We promise it’ll be fab!