Katie’s Residency: Week 2

So, my hotel room: pure bliss. I have done that irritating thing of pasting pictures of me looking all smug in my amazing room all over my facebook page. Ooops. To be fair Morgan and Mimi had already checked into my room and eaten my free chocolates and Ernest (Morgan’s offspring) had eaten some of my toiletries. Things seemed pretty normal. The week was one of mild panic – Mimi: We really need to get the route locked down – and mild distraction – Katie: Oooh shall we get room service!

Once our work heads were firmly placed back on shoulders we realised there were some more interviews to be had. I spent my first day down in the North hall restaurant and the Main lobby areas hassling the Corinthia staff for their time and pearls of wisdom on working at the hotel. What did I learn? That the staff here are fantastic. I was maybe hoping for some surliness or some dissatisfaction – come on, it would help us with the drama! But no, it seems we are dealing with a universally happy team. I spoke to one of the Hostesses for the ins and outs on waiting on the CHL clientele; I had one of the Head Concierge guys telling me about his career and climbing the ladder; I got to speak to a doorman who’s been here since it opened; and finally the head of housekeeping. In trying to figure out the way to go with our narrative and what excites about this place (apart from the tuna cappachio and afternoon tea that is), we figured it’s the staff.

Onwards with hassling the troops. We promise to let you get on with your jobs soon CHL people but thanks to everyone who’s taken time out of their busy schedules to speak to us.