Dry Run Through – TICK!

So today we had our first ever run through of the show with actual real life audience members!  We billed it as a dry run through because not all the technical aspects have been put in place yet and some of our performers weren’t available so the writers and directors stepped in.  Also for each performance we had up to five audience members in attendance – for the real show it will be one-on-one.

The audience members were the different Heads of Department from all over the hotel.  We wanted them to get a feel for what the show is doing and also how it impacts on their departments.  But mostly we wanted to try and answer the question that we keep being asked by bemused staff members which is “errr, what exactly is it that you’re doing?  I really don’t get it…!”

So ten performances later and over thirty members of staff enlightened we’re hoping the info will trickle down to everyone else in the hotel that this crazy bunch of thesps roaming the corridors and making weird noises do have a purpose and hopefully it’s a welcome one!

It’s not all roses though as the run highlighted several glaring technical and logistical issues which we are now busily trying to rectify before opening on monday.  It’s all hands on deck to get the show ready for when we open the doors to the paying public – ie YOU!  What we can promise though is there were lots of very excited, happy and giggling people going round…fingers crossed we can make this your experience too.

Nearly there folks!  Got your tickets?  Because we’ve (almost) got a show!