A very important day

Morgan here!  Myself, my husband and my son took up residency at the start of this week in one of the Junior Suites.  It really has been the most wonderful experience for us and a definite step up from our wee one bed flat in South East London.  It has been made extra specially lovely by the fact that yesterday was my son, Ernest’s, first birthday.  A year ago both he and I were staying in a four person maternity ward having just gone through a pretty full on experience together – oh what a difference a year makes!

Ernest was also very lucky to receive a gorgeous teddy from the staff here…

Ernest and the bear

We still need a name for it so any suggestions would be gratefully received!

Today we’ve finally been able to start writing dialogue.  The last couple of weeks have been a mixture of interviewing staff, walking the building and meetings about logistics.  The nature of our plays are that there are a lot of practical considerations to take into account before we can even put pen to paper and we have to make sure we have a route round the building that works with the timings as well as fits into the daily life of the hotel without causing any disruption!  So today myself and Katie have been doing the bit we love the most which is writing the words that will come out of the mouths of the characters we’ve been talking about and debating with each other about for all this time.

As we sat in the Lobby Lounge tapping away on our laptops we both started hopping about in our seats and exclaiming how fun this show is going to be – both to take part in and also to create!  It’s easy to get bogged down in the complicated organisational side of our shows but when we start writing we remember just how much fun it is and how excited we are about getting it on it’s feet and ready for you, the audience, to enjoy.

And on that note I should stop blogging and get on with writing…!

Onwards and upwards…or should I say; to Above and Beyond!